My Amazon Kindle died ;o(


While going on my one month vacation to Thailand I naturally brought my Amazon Kindle 3 ebook reader with me. I purchased it last year while in Los Angeles and this has really been my favourite gadget ever since. So about half-way into my vacation (and halfway into a great book) my Amazon Kindle got crazy. When the kindle is in sleep mode you get a nice little screensaver image on it that display various authors. After breakfast I grabbed my Kindle and headed over to my hammock with a cup of coffea. Turning on the kindle resulted in half of the screen showing the screensaver of Virginia Woolf and the other half showing my book. I tried to turn it on and off again multiple times but no luck.

After looking on the Amazon website I found a way to reset the Amazon Kindle that might solve the problem. I tried that 10 times, but still no luck.

Back from vacation I called Amazon Customer Service not really knowing what to expect. My Kindle was still under a year old but since I bought it in the US and live in Europe I wasn’t really hoping for much. Well I got more than I asked for.

First of all the representative from Amazon was extremely professional and helpful. Since my situation probably isn’t one he experiences everyday he went away for 2 minutes to investigate further. After he came back he told me that he would send me a new Amazon Kindle straight away through Priority International Courier so I would have it as soon as possible. All this without any costs or charges to me. The whole matter was handled swiftly and professionally and leaves me thinking that if all Customer Services were like Amazon’s then the world would be a better place.

Today UPS rang my door with my replacement Amazon Kindle. It took 3 days from the time I talked with Amazon in the US until I had my new Amazon Kindle here. That is really unbelievable. Now all I have to do is return my old Amazon Kindle and then fax Amazon a reciept for my costs of shipping it back so they can credit my credit card.

I can’t express how happy I am for the extremely professional and courteous service I received from Amazon.




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