New stock components


I originally started off the blog by posting information and links to some stock flash components that I have used in some of my projects.

It’s been a while since I’ve done that and I found some nice components since then so I thought I would make a new post with some links to stuff you can use in Captivate.

All the files are from, which is – in my opinion – the best place to buy stock flash components. Remember that when you buy these components you also get the Flash soucefile (fla) so you can modify and customize the components to fit your projects.

Text animation

Text Animation


If you – like me – don’t like the original text animations in Captivate then here is an alternative. It’s pretty basic but a rather nice effect. Everything can be edited in an XML file so you don’t need to have any Flash skills to use it.

I used it as headlines for different chapters in an E-learning module. It’s just US$ 5 and you can see a live preview or buy it here.

World map

Worldmap component

An interactive worldmap made in Flash. You can add hotspots with information, links etc. and all is done in an XML file. I used it in a project as a navigation menu. I had to branch the users of the E-learning module based on their location so I used this component (I did change the map to something more subtle) and modified the code so that a click on a hotspot would jump to the relevant Captivate slide.

It’s just US$8 to buy the file. You can see a live preview and buy the file here:


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