New website and host


The last month I have been experiencing quite a few problems with my site. The main problems was that the internal databases became corrupt which caused the site to return a “500 Internal Server Error” to visitors. When I started to look into what was causing this it became clear that it was the server at my web host, which simply couldn’t keep up with all the websites hosted on it. Apparently the hosting company had oversold capacity and this had a very negative impact on performance. I tried to get it fixed, but the host wasn’t really helpful so I decided to move to a new host.

After digging around for a while I settled for a hosting company called “A Small Orange”. I read good things about them from people I trust and whose opinion I value, so I decided to place my site with them. I purchased a VPS solution and this comes with “Free Migration Services”. Essentially all I had to do was give them my user name and password to my old host and they would transfer everything so all I needed to do was change the DNS for my domain. That worked really really well – I am extremely impressed with the speed of the server and their customer service is top notch!

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While I was at it I decided it was time to give the website a face lift. The old design wasn’t exactly mobile friendly and I can see that more and more of my traffic originate from mobile devices. The new design is fully responsive and will adapt to the users device. It is also more performance oriented so it should mean that the site will be faster in general. Finally I think it looks a lot better and gives a better overview of the site contents.

I hope you like the new site and that you find the information here useful.




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