New widget for Adobe Captivate 5 released tomorrow (hopefully)


The past week I have been working on a new Adobe Captivate Widget for Adobe Captivate 5. The widget is a new Loader Widget for Adobe Captivate 5 similar to the Loader Widget I have for Adobe Captivate 4 AS2.

A lot of people have been experiencing problems when they load Captivate SWFs into a “master” Captivate project. The problems are that any animations will start to play on slide one of your Master Project even though they shouldn’t be displayed until for example slide 5. This also means that you can experience problems with audio from imported Captivate SWFs playing together at the same time messing up your project.

I thought I had it all figured out but one of the people that have been beta-testing the widget just got back to me with a new issue. The problem is that it is insanely difficult to unload assets/SWFs from Flash in AS3 and therefore loaded Captivate SWF’s with multiple slides containing audio will not unload properly.

Hopefully I am able to sort this issue out tomorrow and make the widget available here on the site.




  1. This could be a big help to me… I have a swf I published in Flash that loads another swf. After navigating away from the Captivate slide that has my Flash swf and coming back to it, the Flash swf appears but the sub-swf it loads will not appear. It seems to get stuck in the memory somehow…

  2. Hi Danny,

    I’m guessing that this widget should be able to fix that issue. I think that I will be able to get the widget online today or tomorrow.

    Since you know Flash yourself you could try and delete the loader object and unload the Captivate swf when the user continues to the next “slide”. Then once the user returns to the old slide again you recreate the loader object and load the sub-swf once again. That should fix your problem I would think.