Playbar Lock Widget for Adobe Captivate 5


Whyves from have just released a really cool widget for Adobe Captivate 5. The Playbar Lock widget will solve a common problem that some developers are facing when they have to create mandatory training courses in Captivate.

The widget will hide the next page button and remove user interactivity from the progress bar until the learner has reached the end of the presentation and best of all – it also works with projects deployed in an LMS.

Click here to read more about the Playbar Lock Widget.




  1. I am new to Captivate 5.5 and very green – but I am excited to have found your blog. I have 2 immediate needs that these widgets may solve:
    (1) I need to add bookmarking so users can “pick up from where they left off” – thanks for the bookmarking widget – question about the bookmarking widget: Does it only work if a user uses the same computer each time – or if a user has to log in to the computer will it pick up that logic meaning a user can use any computer?
    (2) I need to know that the users have read all the content on a spcific topic before moving to the next topic – I think the playbar lock widget will do this. If I understand the playbar Lock widget correctly, it only hides the options (TOC, forward, playbar) until the end of the first slide because Cp defines the end of the presentation as the end the initial timeline? If this is the case, do you just apply the widget to each slide (set to display for rest of project)?


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      1) Yes it will only work if the user uses the same computer. The Bookmark is stored locally so that is a requirement unfortunately.
      2) I can’t really answer that question since that Widget is developed by Whyves from I recommend that you contact him through his site and then I’m sure he is able to answer your question.


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