Playbars without Adobe Captivate logo


If you are using the default playbar in Captivate 3 and Captivate 4 you will have an Adobe Captivate logo on the playbar. You can easily remove this if you have Adobe Flash installed on your machine, but for those people who doesn’t have that I have removed it for you.


The download package contains the Captivate 3 and Captivate 4 (AS2 + AS3) default playbars.

You can download the edited default playbars here: Captivate Playbars (2643 downloads)



  1. Well, actually, it NOT easy. I have it installed and opened the playbar files in Flash CS4 and I can’t find the symbol or whatever they use…I’d hoped that this post would explain that…mis titled, I’m afraid.

  2. Whether it’s easy or not depends on your skill in Flash I guess.

    However, the playbars without the Captivate branding can be downloaded from this post directly so there is no reason for you to edit them.