Preloaders without Adobe Captivate logo


A lot of people don’t have Adobe Flash installed on their machine and are therefore stuck with the preloaders with the Adobe logos for their Captivate projects.


As a little service I decided to alter these preloaders so they appear without the Adobe Captivate logo / text.

The download package contains Captivate 3 and Captivate 4 (AS2 & AS3) versions of the preloaders.

You can download the preloaders here: Captivate Preloaders (3214 downloads)



  1. Hello I’m new to captivate but know flash a bit… Where is the file to edit to remove the preloader captivate logo ? I’d like to add my company’s logo. Thanks a lot for your response.

  2. Hi Mr Tom,

    The files for the preloaders are located in the directory where you installed Captivate – you will see a subdir called called Gallery. Here you can find the FLA files for the preloaders and widgets that Captivate ships with.


  3. Very strange, I copied these files to the appropriate subdirs of Gallery (and even got rid of the the originals) but when I publish I still get the logo. Thanks for the files, any thoughts?

  4. Nevermind, I figured it out: go under, Edit->Project->Start/End and switch the preloader. Thanks again!

  5. These look great when I play the SWF but I’m looking to add a logo and am getting “Unexpected Field Format” when I try to open any of the .FLA files into Flash 8. Can you suggest what the problem might be and a possible solution?

  6. @Lee

    The files are probably saved in Flash CS3 or CS4 format so that is why you can’t open them in Flash 8. I only have CS4 now so I can’t downsave them to Flash 8.

    If you want to change the existing playbars just use the original files located in your Captivate install directory. They are saved in Flash 8 format.


  7. During a branching scenario, when the pre-loader appears, is there a way to have it on top of the last slide image versus a blank background?

  8. @ Mr. P,

    Not “out of the box” unfortunately. The background is defined in the Flash file, but if you have Flash you could fake it.

    Get a screenshot of your last slide image and open up the preloader FLA in Flash. Then insert a new layer as the bottom layer and insert the screenshot there. You probably also need to change the dimensions of the preloader.


  9. That’s what I thought. Thanks for taking the time to answer this during your busy schedule with Lukas. Enjoy this special time with your son!

  10. Hi there, I met with this preloader too, but in a different way. I have a 20Mb swf outputed from cp file. It has a left side TOC table. While the preloader showing the percentage number, I want to disable the click on the left TOC menu. Is it possible to do this? Since when onloading state, clicking on the menu will leads to weird appearance.

    Please help!

  11. @Bahy,

    The only way I see to achieve this is the disable the navigation in the TOC. This is done in the TOC settings by removing the tick in “Enable Navigation”. However this will totally disable the possibility of navigating through the TOC for the user in the entire course.

    Perhaps you can use the system variable cpLockTOC on the first slide (set it to 1) and on slide 2 use the variable cpLockTOC again and set it to zero. This would disable the navigation on slide 1 and enable it again once the user goes to slide 2.


  12. Hey,

    When I select acs3 for publishing the preloader will appear and the whole project will loop extremely fast and is unwatchable. I have tried selecting acs3 before recording but I still have this error when publishing. If I select acs2 the project will play correctly. Any suggestions?

  13. @Paul – You need to use an AS2 preloader for an AS2 project and an AS3 preloader for an AS3 project. You cannot use an AS2 loader for an AS3 project and vice versa.


  14. Hi
    I am trying to edit a preloader and more importantly a playback bar for adobe captivate 4 to include a company logo. I have searched everywhere and tried about everything I know. I am able to locate and import the original files that are in program files – gallery, however once they are in flash I am lost. I really don’t know much about flash so the directions I can find are not helpful. Do you have any information about where to find a step-by-step help document to walk a newby like me create this?
    I tried one in flash but when I uploaded it in skin editor I was missing the buttons and it was not along the bottom of the screen even when I selected bottom stretch……any suggestions?