Print Widget updated for Adobe Captivate 6


I finally managed to finish the update of the Intelligent Print Widget for Adobe Captivate, so it is now compatible with Adobe Captivate 6.0.

It proved to be a much more complicated task than anticipated because this widget goes far beyond what is normally possible to do with the Widget API for Adobe Captivate. In addition to this the update was further delayed by the fact that just about every movieclip inside a Captivate file has some “extra padding”, which makes the calculations of height / width, ratio etc. pretty much impossible. The variables which were supposed to hold the project width and height also contains numbers that are “padded” with some extra space. Interestingly enough this extra padding in the variables was not identical with the extra padding on the movieclips.

Anyways – it is finally done and previous buyers have already received an email with a download link to the new version. If you purchased the Intelligent Print Widget v2.0 earlier and did not recieve the update email, please contact me through my site.






  1. Hello! I saw that this widget is now working for Captivate 6 (brilliant!) but I have tried downloading the demo and it doesn’t work for me, is this because you have updated the full version but not the demo? I want to purchase the widget but wanted to check it worked first. Thanks for all your help.

  2. Hi Michael,

    We are using this widget in one of our courses developed in Captivate 6.0 We have a certificate page in the course when we click the print button on this page the print wizard is displayed and when click on OK button it does not print and moves to the next slide since we are not getting any print out can you please help us sort out this issue. Thanks!

  3. James Anderson on

    Will this widget work in Captivate 7? I’ve downloaded the trial and it doesn’t seem to work. Thanks

  4. I downloaded the demo for Captivate 7 but it will not print having no custom button nor with a CP button. It does n’t show after hitting F12, no matter what changes I make to it. I’m at my wits end, here.

  5. HI,
    I have 4 or 5 pages I want to print, but when I use my own button with _print .. it only prints the first page …… should I put in a blank page between each print page ? Or is there a clear comment I should use .. assign empty to _print maybe …? thanks

  6. I am using Captivate 6 (rather new to it) and I just downloaded the print widget. However, when I go to insert the widget, I get a pop up stating “Not a valid widget”. Any ideas?

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