Quiz Data Extension Widget for Adobe Captivate


[This widget has been discontinued]

Note: This widget is an extension to be used together with the Email Reporting Widget. This Widget will not work as a stand‐alone product.

This widget will record the answers and other relevant information from all your Quiz Questions in your Adobe Captivate projects and transfer them to the Email Reporting Widget for further processing.


Prerequisites for the widget:

This Quiz Data Extension requires that you have and use the Email Reporting Widget V2.0 or above in your project.

Adobe Captivate 5, Adobe Captivate 5.5 or Adobe Captivate 6.0, Adobe Captivate
I do not know if this widget works with the Adobe Captivate 6.1 for subscription users!

Since this widget relies on the Email Reporting Widget then it requires that your content is delivered from an online location (website, webhost etc.) that uses either PHP or ASP.

It requires that you use the standard Adobe Captivate Quiz Questions / Slides or Question Widgets (such as Infosemantics Drag and Drop widget). Also note that in Captivate 6 the “Submit all” functionality is not supported and the widget will not capture correct data from projects using this feature.


Widget Parameters:

Quiz Data Widget Parameters


How to use it

The widget itself needs to be placed on the quiz results slide or any slide after your quiz result slide in your Captivate Project. Set it to start at 0.5 seconds on the timeline to ensure that all variables are available when the widget executes. If you are not using a quiz results slide then insert the widget on any slide after your last quiz question. The widget also needs to be placed on a slide or on the timeline before the Email Reporting Widget. This is because the Quiz Data Widget needs to gather up the results and process them before it can pass them along to the Email Reporting Widget. You should have at least 2 seconds between the two widgets on the Captivate timeline.

The best way to use the two widgets is to place the Quiz Data Widget on your Quiz Results Slide and the Email Reporting Widget on the slide after the Quiz Results slide.

The widget will send the email through a server‐side script, which means that the user will not receive a request to send it through their email client as with the regular Captivate Email Report feature.


What information will the widget send?

The widget will send you the following information:

  • The Interaction ID for the question The Question Text of the question
  • The Date the user answered the question. (US format 2012/04/29)
  • The Time (Currently it is the time the widget retrieves the data, which will be the same for all questions).
  • The Latency from the time the user was presented the question until he/she clicked Submit
  • Information about if the question was skipped or not (true / false) (CP5.5 only)
  • Information about if the user answered correct or not (true / false)
  • The Answer the user submitted
  • The Correct answer for the question
  • The number of tries the user has used for the question
  • The number of points for the question
  • Information about if the question is a Survey Question or not (true/false)


Example output from an Adobe Captivate 5.5 Project:

Interaction ID: 951
Question Text: In which city was Albert Einstein born?
Interaction Type: choice
Current Date: 2012/04/29
Current Time: 16:13:01
Latency for question: 00:00:04
Question was skipped: false
Question answered correctly: true
Users answer: A
Correct answer: A
Number of tries: 1
Points for question: 10
Question is a survey: false

Interaction ID: 1081
Question Text: Albert Einstein’s favorite food was Big Macs?
Interaction Type: true‐false
Current Date: 2012/04/29
Current Time: 16:13:01
Latency for question: 00:00:02
Question was skipped: true
Question answered correctly: false
Users answer: Skipped
Correct answer: true
Number of tries: 0
Points for question: 10
Question is a survey: false

Output from Adobe Captivate 5 is the same with the exception of that it is not possible to retrieve the “Question is skipped” property, so this will return “undefined”. However you can identify skipped questions by looking at the “Number of tries”. If this reads “0” then the question was skipped.


Buy the Quiz Data widget:

01 x Single Developer License – $20
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03 x Single Developer License – $54
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05 x Single Developer License – $80
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10 x Single Developer License – $140
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25 x Single Developer License – $300
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You can also purchase a package-deal containing both the Quiz Data Widget Extension and the Email Reporting Widget.

01 x Single Developer License – $50
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03 x Single Developer License – $135
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05 x Single Developer License – $200
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10 x Single Developer License – $350
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  1. Michael, your new widget looks absolutely amazing. I’m very excited to check this out. Thank you for including the latency measure in the data. This is often an overlooked piece of information.

  2. Nice work Michael, I ended up using your old email script (and my little php knowledge) to add user information into a database. Im sure this will be something others will love to have.

    • Great that’s good to hear. If you know some PHP it is not a difficult task, but if I have to create it as an extension (and support it) it requires a lot of thought.

      I can’t support 100 different types of database integrations, which means that I would have to create a full solution for creating a database, store the data and provide some form of GUI to extract the data as well.

      It is still on the drawing board but I’m around half way done I would think.


      • Hi Michael, Is this done yet? A widget that submits quiz results and students info to a database as well as email them? Would love this for a project am currently working on

        • Hi Nnamdi,

          No I haven’t done any further development to make it record the results to a database. Seeing that pretty much everything is going to HTML5 now I am not likely to develop new features for these flash based widgets anymore.


  3. I bought the the quiz data and email widget. So easy to use with your step by step instruction. I have tried for 2 weeks to make this happen, exhausted and frustrated. Thank you so much for your professional, yet extremely affordable solution. Awesome!

  4. I had trouble at first with the quiz data widget. But then after a series of testing, I realized that your project must only contain graded quiz questions. I had survey questions and application demonstrations within my project, but when I removed those, the quiz data reported fine in the results email.

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