Replay Slide Widget for Adobe Captivate


The free Replay Slide Widget for Adobe Captivate have been updated to version 2.4 adding compatibility with Adobe Captivate 7

The updated version of the widget now allows you to insert the widget on a Master Slide in Adobe Captivate and add the suffix _replay to any button on your regular Adobe Captivate slides to activate the functionality.

Replay Slide Widget for Adobe Captivate

What will it do?

The widget will replay the current slide when clicked. The widget is transparent so you can place the widget on top of your own button graphics within Adobe Captivate. You can also have the widget react to a button in Captivate by adding the suffix _replay to the Buttons Item Name found the in Adobe Captivate Properties panel.


An Adobe Captivate 5, Adobe Captivate 5.5 project or Adobe Captivate 6, 6.1, Adobe Captivate 7, 8 or Adobe Captivate 9.

Download the free Replay Slide Widget for Adobe Captivate:

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    • Hi Buddy,

      Currently the widget does not work in Captivate 6. I need to update some code in the widget first, but since this is a free widget my commercial widgets takes priority. Once I have finished updating all my commercial widgets I will update the free widgets to work with CP6.


      • Hi

        I see that your updating is going well but do you have any indication as to when you will begin updating this widget. If you want to make it a premium one, I will happily buy 🙂


    • Hi Christine,

      No unfortunately not. The Rewind button in the Captivate Playbar is in a world of its own and the only way to recode this, would be to modify the playbar file itself.


        • Hi Christine,

          Send me a message through the contact section here on the site and lets see if we can figure it out.

          I’ll need to know which version of Captivate you are using, which playbar and the exact functionality you require in the playbar.


  1. Can you only use one of these per slide? I have an activity where the user is given option to replay a video, with 3 different sets of questions about the video.

    The second and third instances of button (own buttons named “xname_replay” set to no action) do not work.

    can you suggest another way? in Cp 5.5

    thanks, christine

    • Hi Christine,
      You can only use one instance of the widget at the time on a slide if you opt to use a button in Captivate. If you insert the widget without setting up a button in Captivate (the widget on the stage would become a click area then) you should be able to use multiple instances of it on a single slide.

  2. I love this widget–thanks! One question, though. It seems that when I have placed a glow effect on an object and play the slide, when I hit the button I assigned the replay widget to it doesn’t reset the glow. Everything else on the slide replays from the beginning, but this particular effect does not. Does this have to do with the order in the timeline or is it just a bug in the widget?

    • Hi Dan,
      I suppose that you mean that you applied the Glow effect in Captivate to an object right? The widget doesn’t have any influence over effects etc. Essentially all it does is to return the playhead to the first frame of the slide and start playback again.
      If the Glow effect doesn’t reset it is a bug in Captivate unfortunately.

  3. This is indeed an amazing tool that I have finally found to finally allow replay of a video clip in captivate 7! I had a question though. I thought it was related to the replay widget because after I applied it to a video clip (generally, not to a button), the video clip would only play partway through before the presentation automatically paused. I then imported another clip to a separate slide and did not apply the widget, but had the same issue. I tried toggling video editing for time and a whole host of other things, but can’t figure out why my clips won’t just play through to the end on each slide.

    Do you have any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,


    • Hi Richard,
      It shouldn’t be related to the widget but it can be caused by a range of other things.
      For example – do you have anything pausing the slide with the video on?
      Another thing that could be the problem is the encoding of the video. Perhaps Captivate does not recognize the end-point of the video for some reason. Try re-encoding it and make sure that you have key frames at regular intervals.

  4. First of all I want to thank you for your wonderful replay widget! I have a large amount of embedded Flash movies in my Captivate 7 project. Previous method with adv. actions to refresh the slide did not work for embedded swf’s, and your widget saved my day! Now I am working on another project. I believe I do everything as I suppose to: 1. widget placed in master slide; 2. every “replay” button I use on navigation bar has a suffix _replay, 3. “no action” was applied. 4. Image button is located in Captivate’s gallery/widget folder.
    What I am missing? I compare both projects dozens of times, everything looks
    identical, but it does not work…

    Please share your thoughts and suggestions! It would be much appreciated!
    Thank you,

  5. Howdy,
    Unfortunately the widget won’t work in CP 6, after the slide has been paused by a click box. Any suggestions?

  6. HI Michael,

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I am using Captivate 8 and placed the widget on my master slide for the entire project. I selected the option to not use a button. I don’t see it doing anything when I preview my project.

    I appreciate your help.

    • Hi Carol,

      I just tried it in Captivate 8 and it works fine here. Make sure that the widget is placed as the top layer of the master slide (so that the click area isn’t covered by other objects) and on your regular slides check to see if “Master Slide Objects on Top” is selected in the slide properties.


      • could please let me know where should I put this downloded wigget as I put it under interaction in captive folder but it does not work.. where this should be placed


        • Hi,
          The widget can be placed anywhere you think it is appropriate. There is no need or requirement for it to be placed in a specific location. Actually it is a good idea to place it outside your Captivate installation directory as you won’t loose any third-party widget files if you reinstall Captivate. Simply select “Insert Widget” and then browse to the location where you saved the widget file.


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