Save and Load Data Widgets for Adobe Captivate updated


I have just released version 2 of the Save and Load Data Widgets for Adobe Captivate.

Save and Load Data Widget for Adobe Captivate

The new version supports saving and loading up to 10 individual variables per widget but otherwise all other functionality is the same.

Version 2 also contains a Delete Data Widget as I have had some customers that would like to be able to delete the Shared Object on the user computer once they had completed the entire course.

As always all previous buyers of the Save and Load Data Widgets have received an email with instructions on how to download the new version. If you for some reason haven’t received this email then please contact me through my site using the email that you used when you purchased the widget earlier.





  1. Hi I just purchased this wonderful widget. Thank you very much for taking time and effort to produce it.

    I have also encountered with one problem.

    When I run the published file(html) on firefox, the widget works fine. But when I do so on Chrome, it doesn’t work (e.g. username appears as $$v_userid$$). Can you give me a pointer for correcting this?

    A completely different issue. I have been looking for a timer widget that can be applied for the entire project. We know we can set a time limit for each captivate slide, but I always thought it would be much more useful for an educator like me to be able to set a time limit on the entire captivate project. Would it be too big a favour to ask you to go into this??

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