Save and Load User Name Widget for Adobe Captivate


[This widget has been discontinued]

This Adobe Captivate Widget will allow you to save a users name entered in one separate Adobe Captivate project / module / chapter and share this with other Adobe Captivate projects.

With this Adobe Captivate Widget you can have the user enter their name in Chapter 01 and then use the widget to load this into subsequent individual chapters giving a better end user experience.

How does the Adobe Captivate Widget work?

The download package contains two Captivate widgets. One Captivate widget that will save the user name and one Captivate widget that will load the username. The username itself is stored in a Local Shared Object (a Flash cookie) on the users machine.

After the user has entered their username in your first module you place the Save Username Widget in your timeline. This will store the username. The user name must be stored in a User Defined Captivate Variable named v_userid.

In any subsequent modules you place the Load Username Widget on your first slide and this will load the username again and make it available so you can use it in Text Captions etc. in Adobe Captivate.


Adobe Captivate 5 – Adobe Captivate 8.

I do not know if this widget works with the Adobe Captivate 6.1 for subscription users!


Not really suited for projects using the standard Captivate TOC or “LMS” bookmark feature as you cannot be sure that the slide with the load data widget will be executed if a user continues from a previous session. If you have purchased the Adobe Captivate Bookmark Widget from here then you will be able to use it by creating a blank slide in Captivate as your first slide and inserting the Load Data Widget on that. You should then insert the Bookmark Widget on slide two instead of slide one.

The widget will not work in Adobe Captivate projects exported to HTML5.

Package contents:

Two Adobe Captivate widgets: One Adobe Captivate Widget to save the user name and one Adobe Captivate Widget to load the user name. The package also contains a Help document with detailed instructions on how to use the widgets. Finally the package contains the two Adobe Captivate 5 source files used in the demonstration of this widget.


Demonstration of the Save and Load Username Widget for Adobe Captivate



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