Spam – does it really work?


Since I launched this site back in November 2008 I have been receiving an ever increasing amount of spam comments. It’s not really a problem because I use a great WordPress plug-in called “Akismet”, which does a great job of sorting spam from ham.

I get around 80-140 spam comments every day and I just delete them. In the beginning I went through the comments to see if there were any false positives, but I don’t do that any more. So if you write a comment and it doesn’t show up then it was probably identified as spam and deleted – sorry about that ;o)

Every time I delete the spam comments I glance at the various topics. I am amazed by the amount of crap that gets written and I really wonder if someone actually click and purchase items based on these posts. I mean it must be worthwhile for the spammers or otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

The majority of the spam comments are about medical and pharmaceutical products and then of course of sex (in any imaginable and in-imaginable form). A lot of the spam comments are also about Search Engine Optimization and SEO services.  The interesting things about these SEO services is that if you look at their websites they are seemingly respectable companies,but still they resort to spamming. I would never use a company like that since the spamming part tells me a lot about their business moral and business conduct.

This one is one of the latest spam comments:

Submitted on 2009/08/28 at 9:44am

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Would you like to place your money or pension fund into the hands of a company that writes like a 5 year old kid? I would not…

Then again – the increasing amount of spam is an indication that my blog is becomming more and more popular. That’s a nice thing so bring on the spam spammers !


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