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Just thought I’d post a little update here today. I have been working on a couple of interesting things the last couple of weeks. They sure have kept me busy, but now things a looking a bit brighter.

I also finally decided to get rid of my Vista 64-bit system and install the new Windows 7 64-bit. Anyone who have been trying to reinstall everything again from scratch knows that it’s not a thing you do in a couple of hours. The install of Win7 was pretty painless but it’s the installation of all the programs, addons, documents etc that takes the time. I also had major problems with getting my Adobe Suites to register again as it said my registration keys were invalid. After contacting Adobe support that also got sorted out. In the middle of my switching to Windows 7 my webhost decided to switch to the IMAP mail protocol instead of the regular POP3. Only problem was that they didn’t actually tell me that so getting my mail back online took some time as well.

Well now everything seems to work again and I must say that Windows 7 is looking good. It feels much better than Vista and my overall impression of it is very positive.

At this moment I am working on an upgrade to the AS2 Domain Lock Widget. I have recieved some great feedback from Rick Stone, who is one of the Captivate wizards prowling the Adobe Captivate forum. The update contains some changes in the wording used in the widget, but more importantly it will also allow you to specify more than one authorized domain. Another feature is that you will be able to have the widget open up your website if your content is played from a non-authorized domain. That way the user will be sent to the proper location where he/she can view the content. I expect to have the modifications completed tuesday or wednesday this week. Existing buyers will recieve a new download link to the updated Widget.

Another thing I’m working on at the moment is a widget that will allow you to transfer data between individually published Captivate SWFs. I already created a free Widget for Adobe Captivate 4 called Persistent Username Widget, which allows you to transfer the username between individual Captivate files. This new widget will allow you to pass up to 20 separate variables between your projects.

Last but not least I am working on a Loader Widget. This widget will load external SWFs into Captivate at run-time. I recently had a lot of problems with Adobe Captivate 4 projects where I had to insert smaller Captivate 4 animation into the main project. It seems like these scenarios cause confusion in Captivate because if I placed an Captivate 4 animation on Slide 10 of my master Captivate 4 project then it had already played to the finish when I got to slide 10. Naturally these animations shouldn’t play before you are actually viewing the slide where they are inserted. I also had some weird clicking sounds when the Master Project starts up and this only happened when I had inserted additional Captivate 4 animations in the main project. The Widget will allow you to specify the name of a SWF in the widget parameters and then it will load that on the slide where you placed the widget once the user gets to that slide.

I think that pretty much covers it. Now back to some coding..



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