Switching to a new webhost


I am getting tired of my current host and the unstable service so I have started the process of switching to a new host.

First of all I’m switching the domain to an independent registrar so I can switch easily between different hosts if and when I please. After this is sorted I will be pointing the domain to the new webhost, which hopefully should give a more reliable and faster service.

I hope that there will be no downtime, but if all of the sudden you are getting a “Page not found” within the next 7-8 days then don’t worry – rest assured that www.cpguru.com will be back faster than ever.




  1. Who you going with, Michael? I’ve used Namesecure for registrations for a million years. I switched to A2 recently and have been very happy with them.

  2. @David – yes the service of my current host have really gone downhill lately.

    @Wheat – I switched the domain handling to http://www.hover.com. I used them for another domain earlier and they seem to be pretty good and efficient. As for the webhost I settled on Ipage.com after a bit of studying. However, I’m not to fuzzed about the webhost now that I have my domains at hover.com since I can switch easily to another host if that is needed. I have initiated the transfer process of this domain today so hopefully things will go smoothly ;o)