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Tips and tricks for Adobe Captivate


One of the most important things when working with Adobe Captivate is to keep an eye on the file size of your finished project. It’s easy to sit and design a stunning course using high-res photos and custom graphics, but some tend to forget that the end-user of the product might not appreciate the increased loading time.

Luckily it is still possible to produce visually stunning courses and still keeping the file size down to an acceptable level.


One of the more annoying bugs in Adobe Captivate is the problem with text quality when you are using the transparent textboxes.

The text appears fuzzy and smeared and makes it hard to read. When you have spent a large amount of time making the perfect template and graphic design it sucks that the text quality will drag down your whole composition.


Captivate 3 has a bookmark function which makes it possible for the users to return to the same spot as where they left the course last time.

If you have long courses this is a nice service to your users.

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