The Email Reporting Widget for Adobe Captivate has been updated!


The new Email Reporting Widget for Adobe Captivate version 3.0 is finally ready. This update was a though one to get through. I had two bugs that kept causing problems but they are solved now.

The new version 3.0 update contains the following:

  • Support for Adobe Captivate 6.1 (the subscription version) and Adobe Captivate 7.
  • Support for the “Submit all” quiz functionality
  • I merged the Email Reporting Widget and the Quiz Data Widget into one single widget, which makes it much easier to use and more powerful.
  • Fixed a bug in the ASP version of the widget.
  • Video documentation and tutorials to help you getting started with the widget.

Previous buyers should have received an email with a download link to the new version. If you are a previous buyer and have not received this email then check your spam / junk mail folder or get in touch with me.

I have also updated the Trial/Demo Version so it works with Adobe Captivate 6 and 7.





  1. Fantastic Michael!
    Have tested the PHP version and it works a charm in Captivate
    Thanks for all your hard work on getting this up. Happy clients 🙂

  2. I need a solution that will work with Capticate 7 to send emails of completion without using any type of server. Is this something that can work for me Mike?

  3. Do you have a widget that can email text entered in Text Entry Box? I want it emailed to me.
    Here is my scenario:

    My project requires students to answer a question in 100 words.
    1. I have created a slide with a text entry box.
    2. In the TEB properties, I have enabled “retain text”
    3. In the submit button properties, I have configured it to “send an email”
    However, when I play out the project, it attempts to send an email but doesn’t
    have the text entered in the TEB.

    Is this a limitation of Captivate or is it my limited knowledge
    Do you have a widget that can solve my problem?

    All I want is to be able to receive 100 word answers from my users, via email.

    • Hi Jay,

      If you set the TEB variable name to Custom1 (2,3,4,5 etc) the widget will pull the information up on the email for you.

      It should look something like this:

      Student name: (comes from $cpStudentName$ Variable
      Project name: ComplaintsClaimsIncidentAndRiskElearning
      Date completed: 10/28/2015
      Time completed: 03:19:28
      Total time spent in course: 05:01

      ********* Quizzing Information *******

      Quiz score in percent: 90%
      Total Points Scored: 9
      Total Points Available: 10
      Points needed for a pass: 8

      Number of quiz attempts: 1
      Total number of quiz questions: 10
      Total number of correct answers: 9
      Total number of unanswered questions: 0

      ********* Custom Variables *******

      Custom variable 1: ORTHOPAEDICS – (**this is the TEB entry here – it can be as long as you want**)
      Custom variable 2: 01642382732
      Custom variable 3: undefined
      Custom variable 4: undefined
      Custom variable 5: undefined

      I hope this helps!


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