The Intelligent Print Widget for Adobe Captivate has been updated!


The new version 3.0 of the Intelligent Print Widget for Adobe Captivate gives you some great new functionality.

Now you can choose to make the widget generate a PDF file instead of sending a regular print to the users printer.

Take a look at the updated product page for the Intelligent Print Widget for Adobe Captivate.




  1. Sharlyn Avina Dimick on

    Can’t wait to try it. Do I need to remove the old print widget from the Captivate Widgets folder? Also I noticed this version has a .php file. Do I drop that file in the widgets folder as well? I could find any directions for where to put that. Thanks.

    • Hi Sharlyn,
      Yes you should remove the old widget from the Captivate widgets folder. Otherwise it will be difficult to distinguish the two versions from each other in the widget panel. They can co-exist though so you won’t run into any problems if you don’t remove it.
      Remember to keep a copy of the widget some other place on your computer as well. If Captivate ever needs to be reinstalled it will wipe everything in the install directory so you would lose all the widgets you store there.
      The PHP file is only needed if you set the widget to open the generated PDF in a new browser window. If you set it to prompt the user to save the PDF you don’t need the createpdf.php file.
      If you decide to let the PDF open in a new browser window you need to upload the PHP file to your web-server and change the script path in the widget parameters to match the location.

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