The reason why I’m a bit busy…


Here is the reason why I have been hard to get hold of recently. On February 9th, 2010 I was blessed with a lovely little son.

Naturally the world revolves around him right now so I will probably keep a low profile with posts and answers to comments for a while now. Prior to his birth I was confident that I would be able to continue with my activities when he was sleeping, but now I realise that I was over confident..

I have tried to get him interested in Adobe Captivate already, but right now it seems like eating, sleeping and pooping are higher on his priority list.





  1. Hi Michael, thanks for sharing this photo. Lukas is looking great, are you sure he has not yet one month of age?

  2. Thanks for your comments Lieve and Dave. Yeah he is a big guy – 52 cm long and 4100 grams. With the amount of milk he consumes I’m sure he will grow up quickly.

    Dave – In order for me to do a tutorial on that I need some insight in this particular area. At the moment I am gathering intel the hard way by trial and error ;o)

    Luckily he doesn’t cry that much. All day and afternoon he basically sleeps but trouble is that when we go to bed then he wants to be awake.


  3. Congrats, man! Once the first six months or so of sleep deprivation is behind you, you’ll be back in the swing of things. Mine turned two in January, and he keeps me pretty busy, but that’s nothing compared to a newborn. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks a lot James! I must say that I am looking forward to sleeping more ;o) Lukas is a very active little boy with strong opinions on when he should sleep. I don’t think I have been this tired before in my life. Only two more weeks and then I have 3 weeks off from my job. Hopefully I will be able to get something done around here and also try and get some much needed naps on the couch.