The TOC Button Widget for Adobe Captivate has been updated


The Custom TOC Button Widget has now been updated and the bug with the TOC not functioning correctly after navigating backwards have been fixed.

Please download the latest version of the widget by going to the post here and click the Download link.





  1. Michael –

    I would like to use the TOC Custom Button Widget, but when I go to dowload it, it comes as a .php file. Captivate is looking for a .swf or .wdgt file and will not recognize the .php……..can you tell me what I need to do differently to be able to get and use this widget?



  2. Hi Michael,
    first of all thanks for the excellent work with this widget
    I have a question about the version updated for as3:
    I should add the possibility to stop the timeline when the user clicks the TOC button.
    Could you provide in this regard the FLA source file or the as3 code related to tocButtonWidget_v2.swf ?


  3. Hi Michael,

    This widget is great! I am having one issue with it though…

    I am using a custom image menu button which changes its appearance in the rollover state. If I place the button layer behind the widget layer the visual on my custom image button doesn’t alter on rollover… and if I put the widget layer behind the button layer, then I’m not able to click the widget to toggle the menu.

    Any suggestions?


    • Hi Andrew,

      I actually have planned an update of the widget within the next 10 days or so. I’ll see if I can figure out something to help with your problem.


  4. Hi Michael,

    Any progress with this widget?

    I’m also looking to use this widget to open and close the TOC but also retain the >> and << icons.

    I was wondering if you could help me to learn how to create widgets that control elements of Captivate like this widget does. Would you be able to share the Flash file / AS3 code you use or a similar example?


  5. Hi Andrew,

    No I actually haven’t gotten around to looking at this widget yet. Too many things on the desk as it is.

    I’ll see if I can squeeze it in next week, but I guarantee anything. My commercial widgets comes first.

    As for learning how to create widgets the best advice I can give you is to look at the source files for the stock Adobe Captivate widgets to see how they do things. Then download either the Widget Factory API from Infosemantics or the CPGears API from This will make life easier for you. Both API’s also have some good documentation on how they work and how to create simple widgets.


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