Tutorial: Using advanced actions for slidelet navigation


I recieved an email from Shaun Barrow about a little trick he had for Rollover Slidelets. I told him that if he wrote up a small tutorial I would post it here on the site.

Below is what Shaun sent me – all credits go to him.

­I was working on a project that required me to make a rollover slidelet that when clicked would go back to the current slide.  This in itself is not possible with the current design of Captivate 4, you are unable to link to the slide the rollover slidelet is on.


This was an issue for me.

I then remembered I had played around with advanced actions.  The ability to create an advanced action that will Jump to a slide.  YES!  This will work because it seems Actions are independent of the actual slide itself!



Now with this saved I can go back to the properties of the slidelet:


Yes, I agree it’s a hack-around but it works and saved me a lot of frustration with what I needed to do.

Hope you enjoy.

Shaun B





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