Two cool widgets for Adobe Captivate


I saw that Whyves over at has posted two new widgets and they deserve a mention here. They are both really cool and useful.

Image Zoom Widget: (US$ 9.95)

The first widget is the Image Zoom Widget that allows you to create the popular Lightbox effect for images in your Captivate projects. You can put small thumbnails into your presentation and when clicked they will zoom out and reveal the full image. Pretty cool and pretty useful as well.

Read more about the Image Zoom Widget here or check out a demonstration here.

NotePad Widget: (US$ 24.95)

The second widget is the NotePad Widget, which allows the users of your Captivate courses to take notes along the way. The notes are stored locally and can be exported to HTML format by the user and printed. The notes will also persist through multiple sessions so if you stop a course half-way through and pick it up the day after the user will still have access to their notes.

Read more about the NotePad Widget here or check out a demonstration here.



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