Two new Adobe Captivate Widgets soon to be released


I have finally finished the work and extensive testing of some new widgets for Adobe Captivate. The only thing remaining is to write up the help documentation and also create some screencasts for one of the widgets.

The Loader Widget for Adobe Captivate (AS2 & AS3) will allow you to load external SWFs into Captivate “on-demand”. Basically this means that they will load at run-time when Captivate reaches the slide with the loader widget. This will help you avoid a lot of problems with embedded SWFs – especially if you are embedding Captivate SWFs into a main Captivate project.

The Persistent Data Widget for Adobe Captivate (AS2 only at this time) will allow you to share data between individual Adobe Captivate SWFs. This can be used for many different things and I am working on a sample project right now to demonstrate some of the capabilities.



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