Two very cool widgets for Adobe Captivate


Recently there have been two huge releases on the Adobe Captivate Widget scene.  These widgets are really pushing the boundaries and are very useful for a lot of the Captivate developers out there.

The first widget is Jim Leichliter’s Web Page Widget.

This Widget allows you to insert a web page directly into your Captivate 5 projects. This is a functionality that one of the biggest competitors to Captivate – Articulate Presenter – have had in their product line for quite some time. Now Jim brings this power into Adobe Captivate and best of all – it’s totally free.

Great job Jim!

The second widget is the Drag and Drop widget from Infosemantics.

This widget allows you to quickly and easily create Drag and Drop scenarios directly in Adobe Captivate. The very cool thing is that you are building your Drag and Drop interactions with assets directly from within Captivate. No need to know Flash – simply use Captivate to create some very cool stuff.

Example of the widget: (click the image to open).

Drag and Drop Captivate Widget

The Drag and Drop widget is priced at US$27.



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