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  1. Hello. I am creating a Captivate 4 project that is meant to be put on a CD in autorun format. There will be 4 main pieces-2 will be pieces to which PDF links should open and the other 2 pieces are various eLearning tutorials each with their own menu along the bottom of the window and a Table of contents. I have created a shell for this autorun CD and have linked some dummy PDFs and linked the pre-made eLearning tutorials as well. But when I try running this off my computer (I haven’t saved it to disc and tried the autorun feature as of yet), and try to access each of the PDFs or eLearning tutorials through the links, none work.
    When I published the project, I did get a message that said the “files/projects listed below are linked to the open project and ay require exporting… …It is also important to copy all reference files and projects with their corresponding HTML files to the output folder.” But nowhere have I found instructions on how to do this and am sure this is the issue.
    Lastly, when I link the eLearning tutorials should I link the .cp file or .swf? I would prefer to link the .exe as it seems cleaner (no address bar, and the exit button actually works on the menu as opposed to the .swf) but don’t seem to have this option…
    Can someone stear me in the right direction?