XML driven Page Flip book – US$ 30

Image of the Page Flip book

Image of the Page Flip book

This is one of my favourite components at the moment. In a lot of courses you need to have external PDF files with additional information. I was getting bored with the plain old non-interactive boring way of displaying PDF’s and found this component. It’s really a great way to highten the experience for the user. Furthermore this component allows the user to download your PDF file as well, which I haven’t seen before.

The price of US$ 30 is ridiculously low.

Here is the feature list from the author:

• XML driven
• OOP coded
• Uses CSS to format text fields
• Smoothing of pages forced
• Pages get an internal shading
• Pages get scaled on load, which enables you to make crisp zoomed images
• Only a few items in the library to change with a blank stage
• Auto thumber
• Print options
• Internal linking
• External linking
• PDF download button
• No annoying tooltips, still with user support
• Liquid layout
• Book becomes visible when 8 pages have loaded
• No flipping beyond the last loaded page
• Flash8 support

• Contact form
• Full screen background image
• Reverse read direction
• Print bug fixed
• Define which buttons you need in the top bar
• Even more layout options

Click here to see the Foldr Page-Flip in action.


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