Youtube Widget for Adobe Captivate


[This widget has been discontinued as YouTube have removed the API that the widget uses to display the videos. Furthermore, with the webobject in Adobe Captivate, it is possible to embed YouTube videos directly now.]


The YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate allows you to display YouTube videos directly in your Adobe Captivate projects.

You can customize the appearance of the player itself and also have access to a wide range of playback options. The widget can automatically pause your project while the video is playing and resume playback of your Adobe Captivate project when the video is finished.

You can use the YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate to display any video from YouTube provided that the video is not password protected/private and the video allows embedding.

You can use as many YouTube Widgets in one Adobe Captivate project as you like.


Widget Properties:

The YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate allows you to modify just about anything you like from the Widget Properties panel.

YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate Properties Panel

Video demonstration:

Here is a guided video tour of the YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate showing how to set it up in your project.



The YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate works with Adobe Captivate 5,  Adobe Captivate 5.5, Adobe Captivate 6.x, Adobe Captivate 7, 8 and Adobe Captivate 9.



  • The YouTube Widget for Adobe Captivate does not work with HTML5 projects.
  • The end user must have Flash Player 10.1 or higher installed to view everything correctly.
  • You cannot use the widget to display private YouTube videos. The video needs to be either public or hidden.






  1. Hi,

    I downloadeed the trial version of the Youtube widget and when I insert it into a slide, it tells me it is not a valid widget. I am using Captivate 5.5 and Flash 10.2. Is there a reason why it may not be working?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Stuart,

      Try downloading the widget again. It may have become corrupted in the download process. I just tried it here in 5.5 and I don’t have any problems.


  2. I purchased it and implement on a slide. The widget on a published version runs on Mac, but not in PC. The only play bar is seen on PC version and when click on play button, nothing appeared or played.

  3. I downloaded and tested the trial version of the widget and although it works great, it has a large logo and hotspot for YouTube. Can I get rid of the YouTube Logo? I want the streaming functionality that YouTube provides without the end-user knowing that we are using YouTube because it isn’t very professional in my opinion.

  4. Hi Michael,

    Maybe I’m not fully understanding your directions regarding the trial version:

    You can download a fully functional trial version from the link below. The Trial version has the video URL locked to one specific video but all other options and parameters can be accessed. I recommend that you download the trial and try it out in one of your projects before purchasing the full widget.

    The way I understood this is that I could use it once for one video/url only. But when I open up the demo version the YouTube URL field is greyed out:

    Again, maybe I didn’t understand, but I was hoping to actually be able to test the widget out and see a video display in a project. I have about 10 to 15 projects that will likely each have a video in them and this could be quite useful.

    Please let me know if there’s a way to fully test the widget.

  5. HI Michael.

    I met the same problem with Wade, I download the trial version but when I installed into the captivate 6, the pop up windows shows like image below:

    This widget is good, but if I can test it first, that will be better.

    I think you can develop a real trial version without some parameters. As long as we can see the concept, we would like to buy it. But right now, it seems like we have been block outside of the door.

    Looking forward to your solution. Again, brilliant widget.

  6. Walter Ratliff on

    Hi, I downloaded the widget, and dropped it into the Adboe Captivate folder where the other widgets are located. However, it remains invisible when I choose Insert–>Widget within Captivate. Did I miss something on the installation? Restarting the program and PC did not help. Thank you!

    • Hi Walter,
      The YouTube Widget is compatible with Windows 7. Download the widget from here and save it to your desktop. Unzip the ZIP file and go to Captivate and select Insert Widget and browse to where you unzipped the file.

  7. Hello. I purchased the widget…however, when i use it, no video displays when i run the project – just a blank screen (on Mac), Am I doing somethign obviously wrong?! Thanks!

  8. Hi,
    You say that this widget is not compatibe with HTML5, so what’s happend on iPad ?
    Is there a plan to modify this limitation ?

  9. Theo Zandbergen on

    Hi Michael, could this widget be a solution for me to get a player skin in HTML 5 for the iPad version? I’m using Captivate 6 now

  10. just downloaded trial version, but when I insert it in my cp6 and then preview in web browser (firefox or IE), running flash 12 on my pc, all I see is the YouTube playbar and blank white where the video should play. I tried clicking on the YouTube’s playbar, but it is not responsive at all. What did I do wrong?


    • Michael got back to my email super fast! Thanks.
      The problem was with my flash settings. The documentation says there can be a problem if using cp5 or 5.5, so I didn’t even think to try that for cp6. Add that to the documentation please so you don’t get more silly people like me whining 🙂
      Looks super cool. Will probably buy after I run it by my boss.

  11. How is this different from the YouTube Widget available out of the box in Captivate 7? Can you use links to other video servers other than YouTube with this widget?

    • The out of the box widget in CP7 is not nearly as customizable as this widget. The out of the box widget works with HTML5 projects though and mine doesn’t.
      No it cannot connect to other video services than YouTube. Each video service use their own API so it would require a dedicated widget for other video services.

  12. Having an issue with auto resume. Is there a trick to getting this to work? I have my settings to auto play, auto pause and auto resume. When the video is done, the slide is not progressing. Using in Captivate 6.

    • Hi Lori,
      No trick should be needed to achieve the auto resume. I just tested it here in CP6 and it works well. Contact me through the “Support” section on my site and include the exact version number of Captivate and if possible the URL to the video you are using.

  13. Hi, I tried twice to get a trial download – details entered, no email. Firefox mac.

    Great job on the idea and design!

  14. Hello- Do you know if this widget will also work with Vimeo? If not, any ideas for how to work with Vimeo and Captivate? Thanks!

  15. I’ve trying to implement this widget in Captivate 8 – are there any known issues with this? I’m not getting the Youtube videos to display in the widget.

        • I’m having the same issue with the YouTube widget. I don’t get an error message though. The area is just blank where the video should be. The URL is in the correct format and the video is not private. The video plays fine when I preview it in a browser but it does not work when I publish it. I have tried viewing it in Chrome, Firefox, and Explorer, I’ve tried everything I could think of but with no success. Any suggestions?

          • Did you upload your published project to a webserver or are you viewing it locally?

            If you are viewing it locally on your computer it is most likely the Flash Player security settings that are causing the problem. Look in the Help Documentation for the widget to see how to get around this.

  16. Helping a colleague with a project, we have 6 videos on a slide. Is it possible to control so that if one video is playing and a user hits play for another video the first video stops/pauses?

    On the same slide we also have 6 buttons that bring up a smart shape ‘more info pop-up’ and play an audio file. Is there any way in the advanced action that launches these to stop/pause video if it is currently playing?


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